The Moodle User Import Template is used to perform bulk uploading of student accounts into Moodle. This is especially helpful if you have numerous students with no email access or no email accounts.

To use the template:

  1. Click the link to download the template. When prompted, choose the "Save to disk" option and make a note of where you saved it.
  2. Get a list of names and passwords (and email addresses if possible) for all of your students who do not currently have Moodle accounts.
  3. Fill in the spreadsheet with the student information. The fields to the right of the email field should be left blank.
  4. For usernames, please follow the standard student format of firstnamelastname (eg., John Doe's username would be johndoe.) DO NOT use the first initial lastname format for students.
  5. If a student has no email address, please use for the email field. Otherwise, use their address. Their email address must be valid!
  6. Save the spreadsheet and email it to We will then use it to import the students and will confirm when it has been done. If you would like the students to be enrolled into a course upon import, please specify the course in any correspondence, making sure to be clear which course it is.

It is very important to only request imports for students who do not currently have accounts. Existing student accounts can be used to enroll in as many courses as needed. We do not want any duplicate accounts in the database.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Technology or the Moodle Administrator at

Last modified: Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 2:18 PM