We currently have three methods for creating student accounts in Moodle:

  1. Novell Authentication - Use the network username and password assigned to you by your school. (Currently applies to high school and middle school students only.)
  2. Self Registration - Register for an account using a valid email address. (Applies to anyone who would like a Moodle account.) Please see the note about email addresses below for further information.
  3. Manual Registration - Accounts created by the Moodle Administrator. This includes bulk user imports. (Currently applies mainly to elementary school students.)

High School and Middle School Students - Novell Authentication

Students of LaPorte High School, Boston Middle School and Kesling Middle School who currently DO NOT have Moodle accounts can easily activate their Moodle account by logging in with ONLY the firstnamelastname portion of their school network login. DO NOT USE THE ENTIRE CONTEXT!

Example: .firstnamelastname.2012.lphs.lpcs

In the above example, you would only use the part in green as your username, then use the password you were assigned or chose. Do not use any of the periods or anything that follows the firstnamelastname portion of the context for your Moodle login.

Click here for a quick tutorial

Elementary School Students

Since we currently do not assign user accounts for elementary school students, methods 2 or 3 must be used to create an account. Please speak to your teacher for the best solution for you.

Email Addresses

If Self Registration is used by any student, it is IMPORTANT that you use a valid email address. When signing up for a Moodle Account using the self registration option mentioned above, a VALID EMAIL address is required so that you can receive the confirmation email. This is the most common issue when students register for a Moodle account.

*We strongly encourage High School and Middle School students to use the Novell Authentication method described above. Using this method does not require an email address, although you can still designate one in your profile once you log in to your account.

Last modified: Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 2:18 PM