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      All Slicer Capstone Activities are available through the Slicer Capstone Google Classroom


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        Google Classroom Login

        Password:StudentID #


        Capstone for First Trimester

        üStudents will accept the invitation to enroll in the Senior Capstone Google Classroom

        üStudents will submit attendance in the Google Classroom.

        üCapstone activities will be listed in the classroom by the end of this week.You may choose any of the activities listed. (This activity will serve as Part One of the three part Capstone Experience.)These are college and career ready activities which will include documentation as well as reflection which will be posted within the Google Classroom.

        üCapstone students do not attend traditional classes on October 14th - Capstone students will be expected to have completed their CCR experience by the end of the day on Wednesday, October 14th.

        üAdvisors will be assigned for Capstone students to use as a resource and will also be signing off on completion.

        üOn October 14th, our computer labs will be staffed with our guidance counselors to help Capstone students complete college applications, complete resumes, or other activities.

        üSeniors who do not participate in the Capstone project will be required to attend school on October 14th.An alternate assignment will be available for you.Report to B11 and attendance will be taken.

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          When do students select advisors?  Advisors weill be assigned by October 7th, 2015.

          What if students do not participate in the Capstone project?  Students will be expected to attend school on October 14th, 2015 or they will be considered absent. 

          What if a student is a senior but is not graduating?  That student is not eligible for the Senior Capstone project.

          What if a student missed a deadline?  Deadlines are a major factor in College and Career Readiness.  If a student misses a deadline, it is the responsibility of the student to discuss the situation with the advisor and work towards a solution.

          What if a student can not remember their Google Login?  Students log in to the Google classroom with the following username and password:


          Password:  Student ID#'s