Aeronautics 1 is described in the LPHS course guide
Aeronautics 2 is described in the LPHS course guide
Aerospace Engineering 1 is a Project Lead the Way course
Aerospace Engineering 2 is a Project Lead the Way course
Civil Engineering & Architecture is a PLTW class that is available for college credit and is taught in the Industrial Technology Department at LaPorte High School.

This is an engineering research course in which students will work in teams to research, design, test and construct a solution to an open-ended engineering problem. The product development life cycle and a design process are used to guide and help the team to reach a solution to the problem. The team presents and defends their solution to a panel of outside reviewers at the conclusion of the course. The EDD course allows students to apply all the skills and knowledge learned in previous Project Lead The Way courses. The use of 3D design software helps students design solutions to the problem their team has chosen. This course also engages students in time management and teamwork skills, a valuable set for students in the future.

This course is an elective offered by the Industrial Technology Department at Laporte High School. It consists of two 12 week trimesters. The first trimester is dedicated to the education of power and energy, with the second trimester consisting of a focus on transportion systems.
This course is a PLTW class that involves learning about the principles of engineering while incorporating both math and physics concepts to these principles.  Pre-requisites include IED or 2D CAD or if you are a senior in good standing.
List of all the Units in the Aerospace Engineering PLTW course and the option for the 12 teachers that also teach it from my summer course. We all then can share anyting we use in class with the others